Sensitive & Sensitised Kit

R 1,042

The Kalahari Sensitive & Sensitised Starter Kit has everything you need to treat skin prone to sensitivity, redness or highly reactive skin. Treating a sensitive or sensitized (reactive) skin comes down to ingredient formulations which focus specifically on the prevention of inflammation, protecting the natural hydrolipid barrier (acid mantle), reducing free radicals and restoring the skin’s natural health. With plant ingredients such as Aloe leaf extract, Centella asiatica extract, Chamomile and numerous other soothing botanical oils, we can successfully treat and restore the skin’s healthy balance. *20ml Gentle Cleansing Milk *20ml Enzyme Face Buff *50ml Phyto-calm Facial Mist *20ml Nourishing Face & Neck Mask *35ml Phyto Comfort lotion *20ml Hydralite Moisturiser *20ml SPF40 *3ml Marula Oil *1x Eco Elastic Head Band

1 kit

Skin types
Sensitive & Sensitised

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